I can’t believe summer is almost over…it’s time for more fun! Here are a few low cost suggestions to enjoy now…

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 in Blog

I can’t believe it’s mid-August! Don’t despair; there’s plenty of summer to enjoy. It’s time to get busy planning some fun! Here are some low cost activities to enjoy now…


1. Set up the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon and let the kids have at it! Join in the fun – it’s a great way for you to cool off too!




2. Stores are discounting pool toys, sand toys and squirt guns. Buy some tubes and float in one of the local lakes. Pack a healthy lunch and enjoy a memorable summer day with the kids or your closest girlfriends.


3. Stop by Thiensville’s Fireman’s Park Tuesday and have a delicious lunch at the local farmer’s market. Sit in the sun by the river bank or if you prefer, shade by the outdoor shelter. Enjoy live music while you dine. After lunch, let the kids play in the park while you shop for veggies, crafts and flowers.





4. Try story time at the local library – it’s free and a fun outing for families and their little ones. Check out a few books for yourself to enjoy while the kids nap.


5. Visit a local small town festival for great food and music.






6. Meet friends at Thiensville’s favorite local coffee shop: Fiddleheads. Enjoy coffee and friendship while relaxing by the river. I’m even sneaking in a business meeting or two…



7. Gather the kids and plant fall mums in the garden. Let them get really dirty and then have fun with the garden hose. Nothing is better than a water fight on a hot summer day! Be sure to join in the fun and let them drench you as well!


8. Visit a small town fair; eat fair food, enjoy the rides and pet baby farm animals. Visit the 4H tents, eat homemade ice cream and revisit your childhood for an afternoon.

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