Our Valentine’s Day DIY Project…

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Looking for a creative way to display your children’s homemade valentines? Try my fun craft project using simple wood clothes pins and twine. Select three paint colors; I chose white, hot pink and cherry red. Paint one side of the clothespin in a solid color and let dry.











Next, accent the clothespins with small painted stripes and polka dots. You can also leave a few clothespins in plain colors and gloss over them in silver sparkly nail polish or glitter paint.











Let dry overnight. This is a fun project for the entire family to try. When complete, string twine across a long hallway or door opening and clip on your favorite treasured valentines. Your children will love admiring their art and you will enjoy it too!

diy copy








For a more grown up version of this craft project, try this approach…For a more sophisticated look, use metallic paints in gold and silver and add a natural off-white cotton twine. The gold and silver would offer a more versatile option for displaying your favorite photographs and greeting cards year-round. I hope you enjoy creating something wonderful with your family and if you do, please send us a photograph of your finished project – we’d love to see it!


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