August DIY Project: How to glitter a door…

Posted on Aug 16, 2015 in Blog
August DIY Project: How to glitter a door… - McNabb & Risley

Tell me who doesn’t love glittery doors? They are so much fun and add a little something extra in a whimsical setting. The door featured above is in the McNabb & Risley showroom and we have had so many “how to” requests I thought I’d share the process with you. It’s easier than you think to achieve this paint finish and it’s fun to do!


The first step is to select a color for your door that you love. I recommend a mid-to-dark tone to create a contrast with the reflective glitter. I chose an all surface enamel paint in a high gloss finish. Paint your door and allow plenty of time for it to dry completely. My door took two days to dry!

To achieve the glittery ombré effect I simply chose a craft gloss with gold glitter. I applied the glitter gloss in thin layers using a 2″ wide soft brush. It’s important to work quickly because the product dries fast! Be sure to allow the glitter to dry before you layer on the next glaze. I love the finished effect and the way the glitter reflects the light in this space.

If you are not bold enough to try an entire door do the inside of a medicine cabinet or a desk drawer. Glitter gloss is available in a rainbow of colors and metallic finishes. You can purchase this product at any craft store and I used the Martha Stewart brand. Have fun experimenting with glitter, the end result will be stunning!


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