Thanksgiving Survival Guide: A humorous must read before the holiday!

Posted on Nov 22, 2015 in Blog
Thanksgiving Survival Guide: A humorous must read before the holiday! - McNabb & Risley

1. Thanksgiving road trips will be crazy—just accept it. Start out early and be polite to other drivers, fill up the car the night before and stock up on snacks and toll booth change.

2. Turkey always takes longer than it’s supposed to, so plan accordingly.

3. Go easy on that fourth Bloody Mary, especially if you are cooking dinner. Enough said.

4. Remember your Aunt Edith really does mean well…

5. Stock up on all meds and keep handy.

6. Where there’s a children’s table, there will be a food fight. I find it helpful to keep all the dogs in the same area.

7. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a toddler, teenager or even an adult having a meltdown. Just ignore it and remember to forgive and forget.

8. Ask all guests to refrain from dinner conversations about politics and religion. I find this prevents possible meltdowns at the dinner table and it was my Aunt Dorothy’s #1 etiquette rule.

9. Aunt Dorothy’s 2nd etiquette rule: Steer clear of crazy if you can.

10. Rethink that 3rd helping of pumpkin pie.

11. If you can’t resist the pumpkin pie, wear stretchy pants to dinner. Tell everyone ‘athleisure’ wear is chic now and you’re right on trend!

12. Aunt Dorothy’s 3rd etiquette rule: If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth full.

13. If all else fails, escape to early Black Friday sales! See ya there!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-Tara Wilke

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