Fearless Design: Black and white color schemes are trending for 2016!

Posted on Feb 18, 2016 in Blog

Looking for an epic design statement?  Consider a black and white color scheme.  This bold color combination is more popular than ever and adapts to a wide variety of design styles.  If you choose this high-contrast look, prepare to be fearless and disciplined in your design selections.  Fearless, you ask?  Yes, fearless, because this is an interior that requires commitment throughout the design process.  Discipline, because this is an interior you cannot change design directions easily.  Black and white interiors require daring design decisions that will make or break the finished interior early in the process.  For instance, staining wood floors black and painting woodwork in a high gloss ebony paint will create the perfect backdrop for stunning home furnishings and art.  So, take a deep breath and a leap of faith when you commit to a high-impact design scheme.  It will be dramatic, timeless, and when well done, unforgettable!

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