Design Strategies: Black and White done right!

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 in Blog

I love black and white color palettes!  It is a sophisticated choice for creating a dramatic interior.  This look is easy to achieve when you follow my "fail-proof" guidelines!  First, begin the design process with a clear vision of what you want to achieve and take careful consideration of your interior's light exposure.  Black and white color schemes work best when you decide early on if the space is to be predominantly white or predominantly black.  Your home's light exposure will assist you with this decision.  It is really that simple!  If your room is sunny, go with the majority of the room in white and accent in black.  

If the space is dark, black is your color choice.  A prevalence of black will increase the drama of your design while a white interior with small touches of black will appear fresh and modern.  

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