Today is National Employee Appreciation Day and we are honoring our staff with a pizza party!

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 in Blog

I always make a huge effort to show appreciation for everything and everyone in my life.  When I saw that it was National Employee Appreciation Day, I thought of the entire McNabb & Risley staff and how each one of these amazing employees bring their special talents to our workspace on a daily basis.  Thank you for making our clients happy, their homes beautiful, and McNabb & Risley a great place to work.  Jim and I appreciate you all so much, enjoy the party held in your honor.  

This is what I love about our staff...

Nicholas- Your steadfast calm nature and your vast knowledge of the furniture product.

Carol- Your ability to do it all!

Diane- Your critical eye in our furniture office.

Gabriella- Your insanely beautiful style!

Jade- Your creative space planning including impossibly difficult floor plans.

Dona- Your beautiful design presentations and color sense.

Linda- Your ability to mix complex patterns and color palettes with astounding results.

Lori- Your sweet disposition and helpful nature with all your customers.

Sara- Your ability to find exactly what each of your clients are looking for, and if you cannot find it, you have it custom made.

Trenton- Thank you for making the store look amazing!

Jason- Being able to get about any piece of furniture in any tight space including over balconies, spiral staircases, and through windows!

Susan- Your knack for knowing how high to hang every piece of art throughout our entire store (no easy feat there)!

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