What can you do with an impossibly small space? Interior Designer Dona W. shares!

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Blog

What do you do with an impossibly small room?  Interior Designer Dona W. --ASID shares her thoughts!

As a New Yorker, I grew up in a town where space was at a premium.  The challenge was to get the maximum amount of seating and storage in a limited space without it feeling cluttered and doing it with style.  Here are some tips to successfully design a small space:

-Keep the scale of the sofa small.  A settee or loveseat could also work very well and allows room for side tables and lamps on either end.  Select a sofa with clean lines and exposed legs for an airy look.

-Use multifunctional pieces: an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, or smaller ottomans that could be used for extra seating.  Pieces such as storage ottomans and trunks used as side tables can provide much needed storage.  

-Transparent materials such as lucite or glass take up less visual space.

-Mirrors can visually expand a space.

-Fill the vertical space to draw the eye up.  A large piece of art can be dramatic and can actually give the impression that the room is larger and grander than it is.

-Warm colors advance and make a room seem more intimate, while cool colors recede and give the illusion of spaciousness -- something to keep in mind when selecting a color palette for your small space.

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