Entertaining in a small space? Interior Designer Gabriella G. shares these simple tips!

Posted on Mar 21, 2016 in Blog

Are you dealing with an impossibly small space?  Relax!  Our designers are experts and with a little imagination your tiny interior will look bigger and perform better with these design tips.  Interior Designer Gabriella G. suggests these simple tips for entertaining and decorating.

Just because you have a small space does not mean you need to worry about hosting company. When planning to host in a small space the task can seem daunting. I have learned to conquer this by sticking to a few simple rules:

 -Always consider the scale of the furniture you are selecting. A more petite sizing will always save you space whether it be a piece of furniture with a smaller overall depth or switching from rolled arms to a narrower track arm.  The sectional featured above is small in scale, but allows for maximum seating, handy when you are entertaining.  

 -If you have a smaller space, decorating with lighter colors can really make the space more airy and inviting.

 -Always have incidental seating. This can be an ottoman or bench you have pulled to the side that you may not use day to day but can come in handy when hosting company.

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