Good design is in the details and today I will be sharing tips on selecting antique lighting!

Posted on Jun 28, 2016 in Blog

All month I have been blogging about a 1926 Tudor home that was completely restored.  The homeowner and I chose to use antique fixtures throughout the entire home to enhance the vintage estate.  Unfortunately, the majority of antique fixtures were replaced in the 1950's.  Lucky for the homeowners the largest antique fixture remained in the great room and we found some old sconces in the basement!  I always advise homeowners to search attics, garages, barns, basements, and outbuildings for architectural details like hardware and lighting.  Often you will be surprised to find old doors, antique windows, and in our case six antique sconces abandoned in the corner of the basement.  

Our antique sconces had been painted white and the original finish was destroyed, however there is a great company in Cedarburg that restores old lighting.  We are fortunate to have Heritage Lighting in Cedarburg, Wisconsin who specializes in antique lighting and did the restoration on our sconces.  The homeowner and I concentrated on lighting that was circa 1915 to 1940 and that would have been appropriate for a Tudor home.  I hope you enjoy some of the closeups of our vintage light fixtures!

Completed design project featuring original antique chandelier.

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