Good design is in the details!

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 in Blog

This month's blog is all about a historic Tudor restoration, and today I'm focusing on restoring antique hardware.

1. I feel it is extremely important to remove and restore all antique hardware in a vintage home when possible.  The quality of most antique hardware is superior to what is available today and will enhance the finished look of your home.

2. Remove all hardware carefully, be sure to take your time so you don't damage backplates or screws.  Save all screws because they will need to be cleaned and reinstalled with the hardware.  I recommend bagging all hardware and labelling baggies with room descriptions or numbers.  

3. I find the easiest way to remove paint from hardware is to simmer it in a pot of water for an hour or so and add baking soda.  Paint should come off fairly easy with a swipe of soft steel wool.  

4. Hardware can rust quickly after cleaning, so be sure to use a spray urethane to protect the surface and let dry thoroughly.  Preserving antique hardware is a process that takes time, but is well worth the work because it preserves a piece of the past.

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