What’s trending big for 2017? Plaids!

Posted on Jan 24, 2017 in Blog

What is it about plaids lately?  Are you obsessed with this pattern as much as we are?  My last few fashion purchases have been plaid and my fave holiday attire this year was a red, white, and black tartan shirt, chunky scarf, and black corduroy skinny jeans.  Did you know that plaid has been around since before the 1950's?  Plaid reaches back into history for thousands of years and is classic in nature.  The British Isles are the birthplace of tartans and plaids and they are long associated with ancient Scottish clans, nobility, and suiting attire for gentlemen.  Recently, plaid has been made popular by hipsters -- some refer to it as their dress code!  Plaid is back in the spotlight acquiring new fashion cred as it was paraded down the Fall 2016 couture runways.  Fashion designers have taken this classic pattern to a whole new level of cool so it wasn't surprising for me to see plaid introduced in home furnishings and the interior design world.  Now, plaids, checks, and window pane textiles are making a big style statement in home décor and I am on board!  So if you are thinking about making a few updates to your interior this Winter, consider plaid!

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