Modern Heirlooms- A classic oriental rug updated with a fresh neutral palette.

Posted on Apr 28, 2017 in Blog

Our interior designers are often requested to work with a client's existing oriental rug, usually an heirloom passed down over several generations.  Many clients have fond memories of the rug being in their grandparents' home and are emotionally attached to the rug and wish to use it in their new interior.  Our designers welcome the opportunity to work with your heirlooms because they understand how important they are to you and your family.  If you are like me and not lucky enough to inherit an oriental rug, you can purchase beautiful heirloom quality orientals here at McNabb & Risley.  This is a remarkable carpet I hand selected on my last buying trip, it is a hand knotted, 100% New Zealand wool rug imported from India.  This is a new take on a classic Oushak, only in a more subdued color palette in ivory, taupe, and soft golds.  Find this rug locally at McNabb & Risley and save during the Spring Home Sale!  

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