High style meets elegance in a classic River Hills home! Featuring McNabb & Risley Interior Designer Michael D.

Posted on Dec 18, 2017 in Blog

I am so excited to share this beautiful home with you that McNabb & Risley Interior Designer Michael has collaborated on.  Michael's client loves classic design with a timeless appeal so it was a perfect design match for both of them!  What makes this formal interior fresh is the unexpected pairings and the bold indigo blue color palette.  The antique reproduction table is surrounded by four stools instead of chairs, and in place of an oriental rug the client chose a zebra cowhide rug to define the area.  Simple window treatments frame the bay window and draw the eye to the view outside.  Michael's client's home features heirloom quality home furnishings that she has collected over the years from McNabb & Risley.  Each piece was carefully selected for its timeless classic appeal and enduring quality.  Whether it is art, accessories, or furniture the client and Michael have achieved a highly personalized space that is dramatic and represents the family's exquisite sense of style.

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