Purple prose and paint selections!

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“Night is a curious child,
Wandering between earth and sky,
Creeping in the windows and doors,
Daubing the entire neighborhood with purple paint.”

Davis, Frank March. “Four Glimpses of Night”. 1983. Norton Anthology of Poetry.

My purple paint selections are inspired by the poem above:

Paint colors featured above available through Benjamin Moore.


Blissful bedding in plum!

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It’s hard to come up with words to describe how beautiful this bedding is. It almost looks like the flowers were hand painted! Don’t you love the DIY rustic branch strung with flowers?!










Last week to save!

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We’re all celebrating! Happy Birthday Kristen!

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 What we served:

John’s homemade Mac & Cheese; Diane’s cheesy potatoes; Tara’s Greek Salad; fresh fruit; Carol’s cherry cheesecake and fried chicken! Perfect comfort food for a snowy February birthday party!


What we’re designing now…

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This playful color scheme for a guest bedroom uses ivory, lavender, plum and taupe. The outstanding feature of these textiles is the artistic, painterly style of the prints. You can almost see the brushstrokes on the stripes and dotted fabrics.

I love the subdued texture of the ivory linen background; it just adds another layer of interest. This is a great example of how a textile designer created a group of coordinating fabrics providing a designer and client multiple choices when creating an interior. This is particularly nice when designing a larger space, such as a bedroom with an adjoining sitting area and a large bathroom.

Tara’s take on design:

Design tip: I recommend selecting three or four of the coordinates then adding a few more hand selected pieces as I demonstrated, such as the textured plum solid and the embroidered sheer.

Design tip: Paint consultation! You can change the entire feeling of your interior with the selection of paint:

-Lavender will be a softer, more feminine choice that brings out the delicate nature of the prints.
-Taupe will make the room sophisticated and more comfortable for both men and women.
-Smoky plum will make the bedroom more dramatic and provide a great sleeping environment.
-Ivory will open up the space, making the interior bright and airy!


Be adventurous with your color scheme…

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Art Deco style chair, upholstered in eggplant velvet; available at McNabb & Risley.

Inspire me!

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This spectacular French settee featured on our “Inspire Me” page is not only beautiful but extremely comfortable too. I love how designer Lillian August chose a neutral linen base for her sofa then added the deep mulberry velvet accent pillows and tossed in an ikat print. The mulberry accents are so unexpected in this classical interior yet so very glamorous at the same time!

Tara’s take on design:
Design Strategy – Look at the great mix of furniture styles in this amazing interior

-Classic pewter end tables, featuring eglomise table tops
-An Italian style cocktail table with an aged silver finish and antiqued mirrored panels
-A reproduction Swedish secretary desk with eglomise mirrored front panels
-Antique reproduction French settee

So very lovely, just like Lillian! All products are available through McNabb & Risley.

FYI – Design insight: You may be wondering, what is “eglomise”?

Eglo∙mi∙se: (adj) a decorative furniture technique used in case goods that involves painting or gilding on the back of glass. Once applied, the picture shows through the glass.

Popular in the 18th and 19th Centuries in France and named after decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy, this technique was usually done on a glass panel that was either applied to or on part of a door. The applied color was usually done in either gold or blue. Glomy used it in mirrors and picture frames as a decorative technique for furniture.

Eglomise was also used in North America during the Federal furniture period by Neoclassical designers. In fact, cabinetmaker Joseph Barry became famous for his eglomise work.

Did you know? Amethyst is February’s birthstone!

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Artisan bird bowl avilable at McNabb & Risley!

Amethyst is the birthstone for all those lucky people born in February! This delicate purple Art Deco filigree pin is antique looking, yet modern at the same time. It would be the perfect piece to add to your birthstone collection. I could see it pinned to a gray glove at the wrist or clustered with other vintage pins on a chunky knitted hat. As with all the vintage pieces, there is only one!


Feeling stressed? We have your back!

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Treat yourself by trying our new lavender bubble bath! Many believe that the scent of lavender is soothing and reduces stress. Our luxurious vegetable based soaps are skillfully blended with essential oils, natural extracts and Shea butter! If that isn’t a great enough reason, our products are paraben free and made in the USA! We love that this company is eco-friendly and uses recycled bottles, prints labels on recycled paper with soy based ink. You deserve a long, restful soak in the tub and your winter weary skin will thank you!

More purple-liciousness!

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Is that a word?!

Whatever…Check out our new “Inspire Me” page for more inspiration on the hottest color trends of the season.

Pillow Power! Definitely purple-licious…

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Pillow Power! Definitely purple-licious… - McNabb & Risley

I love this amazing selection of custom pillows!

All fabrics are courtesy of Duralee and available through McNabb & Risley.

Welcome Home…

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Purple front doors on a historic home? What do you think? It’s unexpected and yet it works well because of the vibrant hue.


This is how we celebrated Valentine’s Day…

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We celebrated by having a pizza party with some much needed sweet treats! And a special valentine gift filled with assorted chocolates from our manager!

February’s Inspire Me Page 2

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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This quote is especially for you…

Kiss your life,
Accept it just as it is.
Today. Now.
So that these moments of happiness don’t pass you by.
                             -Philip Bosman

*Silk embroidered love pillow available at McNabb & Risley. There’s only one!


Purple and pearls…could it be anymore perfect?

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This lovely pendant features a natural pearl chip and a multi-faceted purple cushion cut crystal. This necklace knows how to make a statement. Dress it up or down or layer it with other necklaces. There’s only one, and it could be yours…

Date Night!

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Jessica’s Lilac Chantilly nail polish is so chic and on trend we had to share! If you’re not as adventurous, try this plum color on your toes. It’s guaranteed to make you smile…

Polish by Sally Hansen Diamond Strength; Silver snakeskin clutch with rhinestone clasp available at McNabb & Risley.

So purplely gorgeous!

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Our lolite necklace with a druzy crystal drop would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Ladies, there is only one – send him in or treat yourself!


Design book of the month:

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“The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well” by Deborah Needleman.

I added this book to my design library this weekend!

I love, love, love Deborah Needleman’s latest book, “The Perfectly Imperfect Home”! Deborah was the founding editor of Domino Magazine and co-wrote the book “Domino”. I thought Domino Magazine was one of the most creative design magazines of the last decade and I still miss it!

In Deborah’s new book, you will find her witty quotes, design tips and extensive design knowledge enlightening. I enjoy her crazy fun made up words such as “cozifications”, a chapter on how to make your home cozier.

Virginia Johnson’s original watercolor paintings featured throughout the book are breathtaking! You will also enjoy the quotes sprinkled throughout the book from the ‘who’s who’ in the design world. Happy reading everyone!   

Kindness Challenge!

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‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’ is February 13th through 19th and is approaching fast!

Do something kind for someone everyday from February 13 through 19th; be creative and make someone happy! Check it out at www.randomactsofkindness.org for more inspiration! Gift idea: Artistic business card holder available at McNabb & Risley!

Vintage Throw Design Tips: How to utilize them

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Anyone who has shopped at McNabb & Risley knows that we occasionally do have antique and vintage furniture and antique accents. We have just received an amazing collection of  vintage throws that I hand-selected on my last buying trip.

In this world of mass-produced everything, I find it reassuring that these incredible fabric fragments have been found and redesigned into throws. Many of the textiles are at least 80years old and were hand-woven and printed using century old techniques.


Displayed on the leather chair is an example of one of the throws. We are featuring it because of the unique composition of textiles; also notice the purple tribal fabric on the top! There is a limited selection; each piece is unique and stitched entirely by hand.

Tara’s take on design:
Design Strategy – How do I incorporate a vintage throw into my interior?

-Use it as an art presentation on a large wall! Hang using a drapery rod and clips; you will have created a large piece of ‘art’ at a great value that no one else will have!
-Use it as a table covering
-Make it into toss pillows to scatter across a contemporary sofa
-Use it at the base of your bed for a pop of pattern and color
-Upholster a small piece of furniture, like a bench or a chair seat
-Use it as a throw like we did on a chair or sofa

French Vintage Chic!

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If you haven’t been in lately, we are now offering an amazing selection of vintage and antique costume jewelry!

In 1931, luxury French crystal designer Rene Lalique created the cabochan ring. This domed style ring became a style icon of the 1960’s and is enjoying another revival today! Our purple vintage Lalique ring is signed and numbered and is a size 7. As with all of our vintage pieces, there’s only one!


What’s on the design horizon for 2012?

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From the runways in New York to the red carpet in L.A., I am spotting dramatic purple hues in all ranges from lavender to the deepest shade of aubergine.

What I love about purple is that it can be rich and bold or when gray is added it can be restful and calming.

On trend at McNabb & Risley we offer several vignettes featuring plum color schemes. We invite you to come in and be inspired!

Everyone’s talking about…in the press!

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Pamper Time! Little Luxuries featured for the Bed and Bath in February’s M Magazine! Check out our Media/Press page to view the article!

*All products available through McNabb & Risley

-Hand painted metallic gold tray
-Enamel picture frame with crystal accents
-White orchids in metallic vases
-Smoke gray pillow with hand sewn jeweled accents
-Artisan velvet pillows with hand pressed eucalyptus branch
-Platinum beaded silk pillow
-Bath products and pearl garland


Staff Picks!

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Our staff hand selects their favorite plum accessories:

Inspirational quote of the month:

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Here’s to more love in everyone’s heart and more joy in your home during the month of February!


February’s Inspire Me Page

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This February we are all about the color purple!

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Also known as amethyst, violet, orchid, mulberry, plum, eggplant, aubergine, lavender…we love it all!

View our “Inspire Me” page highlighting the hottest color trend of 2012. This amazing corner chair upholstered in vibrant grape mohair velvet would make a statement in any home and is available through McNabb & Risley.

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