Drinking glass straws for hot and cold drinks!

Posted on Dec 1, 2022 in Blog

Looking for the perfect straw to drink your favorite hot or cold beverage?  These environmentally friendly straws are made of highly durable glass, have no metallic aftertaste, do not disintegrate, and protect your lips from hot and cold beverages.  The straws are non porous, so they do not harbor any bacteria and you can easily see when they are clean!  Best of all, the glass straws are covered by a lifetime warranty and also are dishwasher safe.  Choose from many sizes starting with the classic restaurant size all the way up to Boba size in straight or curved end glass.  Straws come in many different painted or etched designs, can also be customized, and colorful travel sleeves also available.  Each straw comes with its own cleaning brush.  Stop in at McNabb and Risley to pick out your own today!

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