Beautiful, rustic, and handcrafted for you!

Posted on Sep 16, 2017 in Blog

Are you having a hard time deciding whether your design aesthetic is rustic or modern?  Be both, by incorporating live edge furniture into your future design scheme.  Live edge furniture blends the design categories, allowing you to style your interior either way!  That is what I love about this trend, the styles are timeless and the beauty of the woodgrain is breathtaking.  The headboard of this live edge platform bed is made of two inch think wood planks.  The interior is left in its organic form to highlight the wood's natural beauty.  The craftsman has skillfully hand fit each board to its best advantage to preserve the natural character of the tree, while creating a work of art.  For every tree harvested to make this bed, another is planted to honor the environment and for future generations to enjoy! 

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